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Ecigs Via Dorsey

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Reasons why I made the switch and millions are making the switch from traditional or analogue cigarettes to Electronic cigs or ecigs are many.
1) no second hand  smoke.
ecigs give off a water vapor that looks and feels like smoke without non of the harsh side effects. The "smoke" ( water vapors) are not offensive or harmful to children, pets, elderly or others.  You are not forcing those around you into smoking by admitting second hand smoke.
2) While nicotine can still be found in ecigs some versions can be ordered with 0mg.  You can special order if needed and you don't see it available via the apollo purchase page. Nicotine has been linked to cancer. However, thats one harsh chemical as opposed to up to 1400 in your traditional analogue cigs.
3) flavor choices; With ecigs the options are nearly endless.
4) I recomend trying a disposable model at first, and then making the switch from there.
5) While the initial investment can seem costly, you  can easily make it back and more in savings usually within the first year of switching.
With the average ecig equaling 1.5-3 packs depending on your smoking habbits.  It quickly adds up. In some states with traditional cigs up to $9-10 a pack .
6) You can smoke ecigs in a lot of places traditional ones have been banned, but make sure you ask if its ok before you start up.
7) No burning your house down because you fell asleep smoking.  With no fire, ash or burning you don't have to worry about catching things on fire while smoking.
8) Better for the environment, not only are you not releasing 1400 chemicals into the air with each puff you take, you are also not putting ash and other chemicals into the enviroment, plus no tacky traditional cig budds and ashes on your property.  Less litter.
9) ingredients, the ingredients in ecigs can be found many foods. Vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavoring usually found in foods, distilled water in some cases. The only harsh chemical is Nicotine. The ability to get your nicotine high without all the negative side effects of traditional makes the switch not only easy but great idea.
10) no tar to stain your teeth, clothes, walls. You don't smell like an ash tray, and you don't taste like one either.

Personal Preferences
I preferr tank or drip versions of ecigs as opposed to cartridges, but that's because I like flavor combinations.  With the tank you fill it up and take it to go with you, you use ejuice. With a drip type you have to carry your bottle of ejuice with you , as you have to refill it after every 9-10 puffs or so, by putting 3-4 drops at a time and smoking it.
I like the tank because I can fill it up, and then take it with me.
Apollo will be having a tank version and ejuice very soon. The ejuice is made in the USA.
The nice thing about ejuice varietys is you can custom mix your flavors.  You can mix a peach and apple to get a peach apple flavor.  You can mix tobbaco with apple to get a tobbacco apple flavor or you can just use one juice flavor at a time.

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